Managed Cloud ServicesScalability, availability, reliability, and security to ensure on-demand infrastructure for your enterprise.

We provide cloud services that are reliable, secure, and well-managed. Our services aid different consumers and corporates to set up the bulky IT systems of their business platforms over private, public, or hybrid platforms with great ease as well as reduced ownership cost.

Cloud services

We categorize our services into three phases that are:

  • Content Distribution and Managed Services
  • Database and Storage Development
  • Healthy Caching Systems
  • Load Balancing Services
  • Elastic Computing
  • Data Feedback and Archival Systems
  • Dev-Ops
  • Design and Execution of Cloud Application
  • Design, Execution and Deployment Optimization
  • Cloud Mobilization
  • Recursive Support
  • Source Code Controlling and Management
  • Logs Monitoring and Continuous Delivery
  • Security Certificates like SSL/TTL and Operational Auditing
  • Service Control and Identity Management
  • Well Organized and Timely Notifications



Open Source Services

Customized portals to fit the requirements of corporate.



We provide secure cloud services with highly dynamic security certificates.


Real-Time Data Management

Altai Solutions builds fully managed database services with the help of specific use cases that provides real-time data.


Easy and Managed Cloud Migrations

Following 6R strategy where 6R referred to the five migration strategies such as Rehosting, Replatforming, Repurchasing, Refactoring/Re-architecting, Retire, and Retain which are implemented to migrate legacy applications to cloud servers.



Using the content delivery networks of Amazon, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Services, we deliver low latent connections to our customers so that their applications can scale and perform better.


Defined Analytics

Analytics help enterprises make informed decisions every day. We deploy and create analytic service instances on cloud services and combine data into a trusted single model, making it easier to understand.


Flexible SLA’s and Ownership Cost Reduction

We entertain our customers with on-demand services and provide a large range of cloud services at a pretty low cost.